The Best 4-ingredient Energy Balls


Who wants a Power Ball ?

Ok I’m not talking lottery ticket, although you will feel like you hit the lottery when you taste how GOOD these are !!!

Only 4 ingredients - cuz that’s how I roll !

•1.5 cups rolled oats
•1/2 cup nut butter ( I used cashew )
•1/3 maple syrup
•1/3 cup big flake unsweetened coconut flakes

Or/ and

Optional : 1/3 cup mini dark choc chips

Mix well - refrigerate for 30, then roll into balls !

Store in fridge — enjoy !


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Healthy egg scramble for people with NO time or cooking skills!


Make this healthy egg scramble in 5 minutes with absolutely no cooking skills needed it’s delicious !

No need for excuses ... this is fast, easy , delicious and HEALTHY !

Hope you love the idea!

What do YOU put in your egg scrambles!?!? I’d love to know !

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My essential items for a healthy pantry!


Hi !

Do you have this in your pantry ?

Here are some random items that are must haves in my kitchen ...

They add flavor, and I use them ALL on a regular basis 

Start adding 1 item a week to your spice or baking collection so you’ll be prepared to make any recipe!

Check it out.

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