The Story of SHE IS POWER

Shannon Barbato is a fitness professional & lifestyle entrepreneur who is well known for her fun, creative style of getting people motivated. She has had the honor of motivating and coaching thousands of women, helping them to reach their personal lifestyle goals through a unique delivery of specialized nutrition programs, personal training, fitness boot camps, and cardio-boxing classes.

Shannon’s long run of success in the health and fitness space is credited to her unique approach, her buoyant sense of humor, and most importantly, her contagious positive energy. Believing that no obstacle is immovable, she is driven by a strong commitment to helping women be the best versions of themselves and living their happiest and healthiest lives.

When Shannon is not working out with her tribe of amazing women... she’s usually watching The Voice, creating healthy, delicious recipes in her kitchen, or buying tickets for Zac Brown’s next Boston appearance.

Oh, and let’s not forget Shannon’s hikes at the park with her favorite fur ball, Maggie.

But she loves getting back to work, charging forward with her mission to help women juggle their struggles, gain momentum, and live lives of power, passion, and purpose! 

How She Is Power came to be

 I started a career as a hairstyle and make-up artist. I have always had a passion for helping  women to feel and look their best. From shampoo girl, to assistant, to hairstylist, to wedding makeup artist, to theatrical makeup artist, to eventually renting my own chair and operating with a personal list of nearly 500 clients—I was driven by fearless passion. I felt an undeniable need to make a difference. And helping women to see their beauty did just that.

It wasn’t until year later that I truly realized my passion for health & fitness.  I’ll never forget the personal trainer who would turn out to be the catalyst for my current career. He believed in me. He saw what I was capable of, and with that support he brought out a physical and mental strength I didn’t know existed within me. Being fit made me confident. It made me happy. It gave me independence. It made me strong. Muscle strong, yeah, but mentally strong, too.

"I was driven by fearless passion." 

My obsession quickly became about surrounding myself with like-minded people. I went from “trainee” to “trainer.” My extroverted, high-energy personality had officially found a home. I quickly realized that I could make a huge impact by helping people get fit and healthy. And my quirky, dorky ways created ease & comfort for others that made it easy to demonstrate how fitness could indeed be “fun.”

Unfortunately, I was in an environment where positive culture wasn’t a priority, so my control of growth and change were limited. That’s when I decided to go it alone and open my own women’s boot camp and cardio-boxing studio. What started as a happy hobby soon catapulted into a full-time gig. So I hung up my steel scissors for iron barbells, and have loved every minute of my new adventure.

These years have been amazing. I dove into furthering my education and I continue to evolve. Watching the physical and mental changes my female clients have accomplished through exercising and eating healthier has made me proud. I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of women become the best versions of themselves. Together we have created an unshakeable support system and community of sisters—one that still exists today and will continue for years to come.

Today and I am putting everything I’ve experienced, researched, and learned into She Is Power. Allowing myself a larger reach and collaborating with amazing women all around the world, I am thrilled to be helping every woman find her power, live her passion, and discover her absolute purpose.


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