Who is she?

The SHE IS POWER woman:

✓  She has a positive attitude

✓  She can overcome obstacles

✓  She is strong-minded

✓  She is courageous

✓  She is confident

✓  She is soft-hearted

✓  She never gives up

✓  She has integrity

✓  She is driven

✓  She is balanced

✓  She is a teacher

✓  She is a student

✓  She is determined

✓  She is resourceful

✓  She is a priority

✓  She is in control of her own destiny

✓  She knows anything is possible

✓  She is enough

✓  She seeks out efficient solutions to problems

✓  She isn’t afraid of hard work

✓  She is inspired

✓  She is adaptable

✓  She knows her worth



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